Review: Philips M1BT bluetooth headphones

TL;DR – beautiful design, excellently made and a balanced enjoyable sound make the M1BT a firm favourite.


When Apple announced their plans to ditch the 3.5mm jack from their new iPhone 7 in 2016, many people were up in arms. “But all our headphones have wires!” they cried. “What will we do?!” Others wept. Some of us with bluetooth headphones simply shrugged our shoulders. Philips’ M1BT have been around since 2014, so this is a pretty late review, however 2+ years with them has given me a good understanding of their qualities. Read on…


The M1BT are on-ear cans which sit snugly (but not too tight) allowing some degree of noise isolation. The pads are made of a soft leather less prone to sweating than other pairs I’ve tried and stay comfortable for hours of listening. Initial wearing caused some headaches as due to the nature of the clamping force I felt excessive downward pressure from the band on my head, but as the band relaxed it became much more comfortable and is now unnoticeable when I’m out and about. I’d rate comfort, after an initial break-in period a solid 7/10


Arrives in a standard Philips box with pouch, micro-USB charging cable and custom 3.5mm cable with teeth to fit snugly into the phones. 8/10


As an on-ear headphone there’s some clamping needed to get sufficient isolation with these cans, however they’re never uncomfortable and the sound is rich, full and enjoyable. To get deeper bass with some music styles you will need to up the volume, but for classical, jazz etc it’s quite easy to make out details in tracks that lesser cans would muffle. 8.5/10


Build quality is excellent – I’ve used these on and off daily for the past three years and they’ve never had a problem – headband is robust, earpads are still in excellent shape. 8/10


Minimalist, well-constructed and with a pleasing audio performance it’s hard not to recommend these. They’re compact, very light and with the leather headband look stylish and different to busier designs. 8/10

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